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Photopolymer Plates

We currently stock Cyrel® EXL material in .067" and .107" thickness. Please let us know if you use other grades or thicknesses and we will stock them for faster turnaround.

Our usual quick turnaround applies on Cyrel® plates as well as film and proofs. Send us an electronic file and we will have plates back in a day. Given that the platemaking process takes almost 4 hours, that kind of turnaround is fast!

Let us know your preferences for relief height, centerlines, microdots, distortion, and other variables, and you will receive excellent flexo plates.

All engravings are magnesium and will be made to your specifications.

Cal Art will store your engravings and mats to save you space and reduce turnaround time. We have a relational database to manage film and engraving inventories so you will always know where your (or your customer's) valuable assets are. We can customize inventory reports for you or your customers, and reporting can be on any period you wish.